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"That's Not Right! My Life Living with Asperger's" Book -

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I now present a number of talks listed below:

  • My Life Living with Asperger's

  • Asperger's in the Workplace

  • My Time at School

  • Dealing with Covid-19 & Lockdown

  • My positive approach to living with Asperger's

  • "Positivity" Talk

My name is Alex Manners, 25 and I am an Asperger's champion, public speaker, presenter and author. I have a very positive outlook on life and believe that you should never let your circumstances hold you back. To me life is an adventure and I am determined to spend it "Pursuing my Passions". 

Asperger's is a form of Autism and I have talked about my Asperger's many time on radio and television. I even featured on series 10 & 11 of "The Undateables" on Channel 4. I now present talks on "My Life Living with Asperger's" to many different companies, law firms, universities and NHS Trusts. For 2 years I presented my own children's show on Solihull Radio and I wrote and published my very own book called "That's Not Right! My Life Living with Asperger's"

Football is one of my biggest passions and In 2019 I completed my quest to watch a match at all 92 Football League Grounds. I had an article published about this in the "Late Tackle" football magazine. My love of football has even allowed me to start my very own "Autism & Football" campaign. 

All of my latest work and achievements can be found on this site, so feel free to take a look.


Travelling with a Hidden Disability

My new campaign to make bus, train, coach and plane travel (or any form of public transport) more accessible for people with Hidden Disabilities. My objectives are driven by the “The Alien Principle”. If an alien was trying to travel it would be so clear that they would be able to do it. 

If you are a council, public transport company, are developing designs for a new station, building or environment then please get in touch as I am looking for companies to help and Sponsor.


Autism & Football

I have started my own "Autism & Football" campaign to enhance the experience of Autistic people at football matches. I have worked with many different football clubs including Arsenal, Aston Villa & Swansea City. 


I have also worked on some Autism projects with my local club Solihull Moors and was interviewed about my campaign on ITV Central. I also wrote an article on this for the SEN magazine and had a video on the BBC News website.



Talks presented to places such as: