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I was diagnosed with Asperger's when I was 10 years old and look upon my Asperger's as something positive and something that I feel lucky to have been able to manage over the years. I have been interviewed a number of times on TV and Radio and have written a number of articles for the Autism Parenting and SEN Magazines. I now present talks on what it is like to live, work and go to school with Asperger's and in 2019 I published my first book called "That's Not Right! My Life Living with Asperger's. I would always be happy to share my experiences.  
I have presented many different talk all about Asperger's to companies, law firms, NHS Trusts, universities and schools to raise awareness and understanding for the condition.
Some of the places I have presented to:
  • Ford
  • Nottingham Trent Uni
  • Blackrock
  • Luton Council
My talks last for around 40 minutes with time for Q&A after. So, each session is around 1 hour long.  However, this can be adapted if required. I also have a few other talks. If you would like me to present a talk for you then please get in contact with me.
My Life Living with Asperger's Talks
JAAQ - Just Ask a Question
JAAQ (Just Ask a Question) is a brand new mental health and wellbeing platform where you can ask over 50,000 questions on topics around mental health, disability and wellbeing to over 50 different people.

Click on the link below to ask me over 100 questions on the topics of Autism and Asperger's.
Autism & Football Campaign
I have started an Autism & Football Campaign to enhance the experience of Autistic fans at football matches. I have worked with clubs such as Arsenal, Aston Villa & Swansea City and have spoken to many other clubs. I wrote an article on this in the SEN magazine, had an interview by ITV Central and a video produced by the BBC. 

Here is an Autism Sensory Story I created for Solihull Moors: Click Here

Here is an article I had in the Solihull Observer:
Click Here

BBC Video on my "Autism & Football" Campaign:
Click Here
My Articles on Autism
Over the past few years I have written many articles for Autism West Midlands, Autism Together and for magazines such as the Autism Parenting Magazine about what it is like having Autism within a family and the SEN magazine about living with Asperger's and Autism & Football.

Blog article for Autism West Midlands:
Click Here

My SEN article: Click Here

My article for Autism Together: Click Here

My article for Autism Parenting Magazine: Click Here
Radio Interviews
I have been interviewed on BBC WM a number of times by presenters such as Sunny & Shay and Llewella Bailey. I have also been on BBC C&W, Solihull Radio and Global. 

Here is my interview on BBC C&W: Click Here

My interview with Danny Kelly on BBC WM: Click Here

My interview with Sunny & Shay on BBC WM: Click Here

My interview on Solihull Radio: Click Here

My interview on Global Radio (Heart & Capital): Click Here
"The Party Animal"
Radio Play
In 2020 I playing the main character, Mark in a radio play called “The Party Animal” written by Madeleine Levy. The play was about a boy called Mark who has Autism and aired on Switch Rdio.

"The Party Animal" Radio Play: Click Here
TV Interviews
On the 4th April 2016 I was interviewed live on Big News at Big Centre TV about Autism. I was interviewed not only on what Autism means for me but also what it means for other people and the challenges that we “Aspies” face. Here is the link to my interview: Click Here

On April 1st 2018 I was interviewed by ITV Central at Solihull Moors FC about my Autism & Football campaign. Here is a link to my Interview: Click Here
I also appeared on series 10 & 11 of "The Undateables" on Channel 4. Here is a video of me on series 10: Click Here
In 2017 I created a "1 Minute Guide to Asperger's'" in conjunction with Reel Eyes Films CIC on a new YouTube channel called "1 Minute Guides". I was also interviewed by Llewela Bailey on BBC WM about my guide and my Asperger's. 

Here is my "1 Minute Guide to Asperger's":

Click Here

Here is my interview on BBC WM: Click Here
1 Minute Guide to Asperger's

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