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I present talks about Asperger's to educate people about what living, going to school and working with Asperger's is like and inspire people to never let their circumstances hold them back in life. I present talks to companies, law firms, NHS Trusts, Universities, Schools and Charities all over the UK and the world. In the past I have presented talks to organisations such as Coca Cola, Linklaters, Lloyds Banking Group, Shell Energy, B&Q and Chester University.

My talks are around 40 minutes long with time for Q&A afterwards. So, each sessions is usually 1 hour. However, this can be adapted to suit requirements. I can present online or on-site talks as well as speaking as part of panels, conferences and training sessions.

To book me for a talk or to speak at your event please contact me on:
"My Life Living with Asperger's"

This is my main talk which I have presented to many companies, organisations, NHS Trusts and universities. My aim is to educate and inspire people with my story and help them to understand people with Asperger's better.

Have you ever wondered:

  • What Asperger's is?

  • How annoying ticking radiators are?

  • How unbearable cotton labels in shirts can be?

  • How literal people with Asperger’s can be?

  • Why school can be such a stressful place for a child with Asperger’s?

  • What a meltdown is?

  • Why autistic children often have a bad relationship with their siblings?

  • How obsessed someone can be about football or bins?

  • What an Asperger’s Superpower is?

Find out the above and more by booking me to present this talk!

"Asperger's in the Workplace"

I have presented this talk to many different companies and law firms to show them how valuable people with Asperger's can be to a business and how to make interviews and workplaces more accessible.


Have you ever wondered:

  • What Asperger’s is?

  • What Asperger’s is like to live with?

  • Why Asperger’s can be a positive asset?

  • How many great skills people with Asperger’s can bring to a workplace?

  • Why people with Asperger’s can be such great employees?

  • How small changes to an interview can be extremely helpful?

  • How you can make a workplace more accessible without spending lots of money?

  • Why autism is not just a male condition?

  • Why everyone is not a little autistic?

Find out the above and more by booking me to present this talk!

"Asperger's Through my Eyes"

This particular talk gives an insight into how my Asperger's can change the way I do everyday tasks and how I live my life.


Have you ever wondered:

  • What a nightmare filling in forms can be?

  • How confusing public signage can be?

  • How annoying the phonetic alphabet is?

  • How to answer exam questions when you don’t understand the question?

  • The benefits of thinking differently?

  • How sensory my world is?

  • How stressful holidays can be?

  • The benefits of independence via public transport and driving?

Find out the above and more by booking me to present this talk!

"My Time at School"

I have presented this talk to teachers and staff at many schools and colleges. During this talk I share my experiences from my time at school to help educate individuals about what school can be like for someone with Asperger's and how to support us. 


Have you ever wondered:

  • Why school can feel like prison?

  • What school can feel like for a child with Asperger’s?

  • How the school uniform made me feel like I was hiding my personality?

  • Why I used to bring football into every lesson?

  • Why I found Sundays so stressful?

  • How you can support a child with Aspergers in school?

  • How one person can have such a detrimental effect on a pupil?

  • Why sixth form can be a better environment for someone with Asperger’s?

  • Why parents often have to do a lot of fighting to get their child support in school?

Find out the above and more by booking me to present this talk!

"My positive approach to living with Asperger's"
Your Housing 1.png

I have presented this talk at many different schools and colleges to inspire students to never let their circumstances hold them back from what they want to achieve.


Have you ever wondered:

  • What having Asperger’s is like to grow up with?

  • What school can be like for someone with Asperger’s?

  • Why I found homework so stressful?

  • Why I used to bring football into every lesson?

  • How a school can support an individual with Asperger’s?

  • Why I have such a positive outlook towards my Asperger’s?

  • How an adult can enjoy watching children’s tv so much?

  • Why I will never give up until my ambitions have been achieved?

  • How many amazing things you can achieve if don’t let your circumstances hold you back?

Find out the above and more by booking me to present this talk!

"Dealing with Covid-19 & Lockdown"

This talk will inspire and educate everyone as we have all been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdowns. My talk will give you a glimpse into what it was like for people with Asperger’s to live during a lockdown and pandemic, and explain the coping strategies that I used to ensure that I was able to manage. 

Talk Content:

  • My initial reaction to news of the lockdown

  • How the lockdown can affect someone with Asperger’s

  • My experiences of lockdown and all the changes

  • My coping strategies

  • The positives from the lockdown for me

  • Why I feel lucky to have been able to manage my Asperger’s

  • What I have learnt from the pandemic

"Positivity" Talk
Essex School 2018.jpg

I have presented this talk to pupils in many schools to inspire them and to show them that they can achieve anything. This particular talk is shorter than the others lasting around 20 minutes.

Talk Content:

  • What Asperger’s is and how it affects me

  • My life living with Asperger’s including motivational and positive stories from my life

  • Stories from my time at both primary & secondary school

  • My positive outlook towards my Asperger’s and how I am “Pursuing my Passions”

  •  My life now and the things I am doing

Online Webinar Talks

I can present any of the talks above as online webinars via services such as Zoom. I have presented to people all over the globe and one of my online talks to a bank reached 345 people. I also had one of my talks videoed which can be purchased as a "Video Talk". 


I also offer consultancy and have so far worked with sports clubs and train stations/companies to educate them on how to make their environments Autism friendly. If you would like to know how to make your workplace, shop, stadium etc more Autism friendly then please get in touch with me for more details.


Zurich Insurance

“Alex recently gave a lunchtime talk in our London office about his experiences living with Asperger’s and I was straightaway impressed by his entrepreneurial skills reaching out to us directly to propose giving this talk off of his own back. The talk was fantastic, he was completely undaunted by giving this presentation in front of a large crowd and he was a very charismatic speaker, enthralling the crowd for a great session. I would definitely have him back for another talk, and look forward to seeing his progress in the future as he looks to pursue a career in the media.”

Direct Line

“Thank you so much for sharing your story, its been so enlightening and informative.”

BDB Pitmans

“Yesterday, BDB Pitmans had the pleasure of hosting Alex Manners for a webinar on his life living with Asperger's. It was such an inspiring and motivating talk, and I would encourage any organisation wanting to know more about Asperger's to get in touch with Alex and ask him to present. His passion, positivity, and sense of humour are something we can all learn from”.


“Thank you Alex Manners for delivering such a powerful, engaging, informative and honest talk today. We are honoured that you shared some of your superpower magic with us today! Judging by the feedback from your session, it's clear you inspire everyone who meets you!”

Paragon Banking Group

“A huge shout out to Asperger's Champion, Speaker and Author, Alex Manners, who gave us the pleasure of his company last month as part of Autism Awareness Month. Alex gave us a fantastic insight with his ‘My Life Living with Asperger's’ presentation, covering what Asperger's is, how it affects him and how he has overcome its challenges. It was a brilliant session, perfectly summed up by one of our Paragon people, Amy: ‘I found the session so insightful and was smiling from start to finish. Alex was an absolute joy to hear from and allowed us to really understand how those with Asperger's see the world. He gave some great examples which allowed us to put ourselves in his shoes and told some great stories!’”

WCG .jpg

University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Trust Talk

B&Q Talk

Warwick Colleges Group Talk

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