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Travelling with a Hidden Disability

"Travelling with a Hidden Disability" is a campaign to make bus, train, coach and plane travel (or any form of public transport) more accessible for people with Hidden Disabilities such as Autism & Asperger's. If you are a council, public transport company or are developing designs for a new station, building or environment then please get in touch:
Campaign Objectives
  • Increase awareness and understanding for “Hidden Disabilities”
  • Make any form of transport more accessible for people with “Hidden Disabilities”
  • Make transport environments, such as airports and train stations, more accessible for people with “Hidden Disabilities”
  • My objectives are driven by the “The Alien Principle”. If an alien was trying to travel it would be so clear that they would be able to do it.
I am looking for a sponsor/s to help me with:
• Promotion, Advertising, Marketing, Selling & Administration

I recently visited Aston University where I was helping Aston Business School to conduct a feasibility study into how rail travel can be made more accessible to people with less visible impairments (LVIs) through the use of 360 cameras and games development tools.

I am also advising Mott MacDonald on how to make my local Solihull train station more Autism friendly as they design the plans for regeneration.

Can I Help?


When I presented one of My Asperger's talks to Mott MacDonald I not only spoke to their staff about "My Life Living with Asperger's" but I also spoke to them about "Asperger's & Public Transport". I talked to them about my experiences using trains & busses, the travel training I received from my local council and how train stations can be made more accessible for people with Autism. 

If you would like me to come and present a talk for you then please get in touch. 


How to Gain Independence With Autism Through Travel Aticle

My article in issue 101 of the Autism Parenting Magazine:

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